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  • Consult to Manage

  • What is the main aim of C2M?

    People who are running a business, often have a vision, but it’s the experts that really ensure its implementation. While we shall not confirm getting there yet, our dreams are living and dwelling and breathing in everything we do. We aren’t just a digital marketing company and an advertising agency, we also take the gaps in what is available in web marketing and advertising technologies these days and build solutions to ensure that we finish the job faster, harder and wiser than our competitors. C2M is proficient in the optimization of business processes and management. 

  • What is the uniqueness of C2M?

    If every marketing agency and advertising company is using the same strategy, we would like to step up. We audit their marketing and advertising procedures and leave no stone unturned. 

  • What is the vision of C2M?

    C2M has only one driving goal, and that is to be the most advanced and technologically sound disruptive business support and advertising firm in the world. 

  • What type of reliability can C2M provide?

    Right here at C2M, we believe in fair play, we understand perfectly that making money is difficult and more tough part is to commit it in the proper path, and this is the reason we always consider giving you the most effective results for your hard-earned cash. C2M is insured by DUAL and hence a reliable source for meeting your business requirements.

  • What should I choose C2M?

    We keep ourselves equipped with the latest and updated tools and technologies. We comprehend the technicalities of the search engines and algorithms like A9. We always keep an eye on diverse SERP Adjustments. 

  • Business Automation

  • What Products do Zendesk offers?

    Zendesk offers a wide range of products and services which can collectively cater for all your business needs be it seamless sales activities, customer services or keeping up with the communications throughout various channels. Some of the flagship products that Zendesk offers include The Support Suite which includes support, guide, chat and talk features for customers. Zendesk feels proud in showcasing its product called The Sales Suite which mainly covers sell, explore, gather and connect features.

  • What is Zendesk?

    Zendesk offers numerous products for various operations such as customer support, sales and customer engagement software which are easy and quick to implement and can be comfortably scaled to meet the ever-changing customer needs.  

  • How can C2M help me in streamlining my business communication?

    Your life can be a lot smoother when your business operations, sales and marketing are all streamlined for full optimization factors. We at C2M utilize one of the best CRM software along with their numerous add-ons to provide your organization with the best and state-of-the-art integrated framework of operations.

  • How can one improve the marketing and sales operations?

    With regards to CRM frameworks, the expression "integration," in its very embodiment, implies the unification of both your marketing and sales processes to your CRM tool. In its simplest structure, a CRM is an essential tool for keeping up client information through manual databases and registries; however, when synced with overall organization's frameworks of operations, these tools are key components for an enormous range of automation and robust business models and strategies. 

  • What type of business solutions does C2M provide?

    C2M provides services such as the implementation of Business Automation tools, Customer Relationship Management tools, dedicated solutions, social media marketing and management, SEO, SEM, SMO, content writing, e-commerce website design and development, cloud hosting and printing requirements of any business.

  • Business Marketing

  • What is the best customer relationship management system?

    Different CRM systems meet the different requirements of a business. However, some of the globally renowned best CRM systems include Salesforce 360 CRM, HubSpot CRM, and Zoho One CRM.

  • How customer relationship management systems help my business?

    CRM will bring all the interactive channels to one point, help you keep a record of all your efforts, optimize the communications and automate the processes that do not require manual handling. This will eventually help you make good strategies and decisions based on the data and trends. 

  • What is the importance of customer relationship management software?

    The main use of CRM is to keep everything centralized, onboarded and recorded. Basically, it records the channels, information and behaviour of potential clients in a well-organized fashion to generate useful analytics and retain customers for a longer period of time. 

  • What is the use of customer relationship management in marketing?

    CRM systems in marketing keep a record of all the marketing activities that a business undertakes to reach its potential clients. It records the journey that the potential client made from the first interaction with the ad to closing a deal. 

  • What does a customer relationship management system do?

    CRM systems help business keep a record of their interaction with potential clients via different channels. It centralizes the marketing, sales, and services; which eventually helps the overall output of the deals that businesses make. 

  • Startup Solutions

  • Why startup is better than a regular business?

    Startups are better than businesses primarily because they are designed to grow fast. By design, this means that they have something they can sell to a very large market. For most businesses, this is not the case. Generally speaking, to operate a business, you don't need a big market. 

  • How to increase the income while running the business?

    Increase your income through back-end product sales and upselling. One of the most important online marketing strategies is to always build every single customer’s lifetime value. At the very least 36 percent of people that have purchased from you will purchase from you once again if you follow up along with them. 

  • How to attract more visitors?

    Create a good reputation for yourself. People search on the internet to find information. Offer that information for free with other websites reference, and you’ll see more visitors and better search engine rankings. The secret is to always include a link to your website with each tidbit of data. 

  • What is the role of a CEO?

    CEOs are responsible for leading the company at both the strategic and operating levels. The CEO sets the tone and agenda and is ultimately responsible for overseeing and delivering company performance & commitments. In addition, the CEO is a liaison between the external investors/Board of Directors and the management of the company. 

  • What Is Your Role in Motivating Your Team to Execute Well?

    It is possible to ensure that your startups succeed by doing the following: 

    • Write a backup that sells. Design and build a simple-to-use website. 
    • Use search engines to drive traffic to your website. 
    • Create a good professional reputation for yourself. Follow up with your customers and subscribers with e-mails. 
    • Boost your earnings through back-end sales. 
    • Anyone from beginner to expert on the web business owner can be helped by this method in learning how to begin an online business. 

  • Cloud Hosting

  • Can I trust C2M cloud hosting?

    C2M is a trustworthy organization (with a registered ABN number) helping out many businesses with hosting services. You can give our high-speed hosting service a try, completely risk-free. 

  • Is there any collaboration tool/service available?

    We have an awesome set of tools/services that allow you to easily manage your clients, collaborate on sites, and transfer ownership of newly built sites to their respective clients. 

  • What type of Managed WordPress services do you provide?

    All our managed WordPress plans include WordPress installation, automated migrations, automatic updates, advanced caching, and expert WordPress support. 

  • How can I transfer my website?

    Get a professional website transfer conducted by our experts. Or you can have an automated WordPress migration with an easy-to-use WordPress plugin. 

  • What does the custom package cover?

    In custom package, you can get the following: 

    • Windows Hosting 
    • Separate Cloud Hosting Solution 
    • AWS Hosting 
    • Dedicated VPN 
    • Dedicated Server 
    • Google Cloud Hosting 
    • Azure Hosting 

  • Media Campaign

  • Is Paid Social Media Advertising a Good Idea?

    Research conducted by eMarketer at the end of 2015 concluded that 76% of B2C respondents relied on promoted posts and only 61% of these users believed that paid ads are effective. 

  • I want to have a custom package; can I have that?

    Absolutely, C2M enables you to have a custom subscription where you can define the services you need regarding media campaign. Please click here to get a quote. 

  • What is included in the Combo plan?

    Combination of both Outreach and Media Release USD monthly is Combo. It applies the same way and costs $600.00 

  • How much does a Media Release cost?

    Media Release package has a base price of $300 USD monthly with 1 locality. Every extra location will cost you $150 USD, Every Extra Media Release $200, Video Media Release $300 and Combo or Video and Content Release $500. 

  • What does the package of Media Release include?

    2 Media Releases including 3 focus keywords with backlinks, upwords written and submitted, indexed on search engine picked by major news and blog channels. 

  • Printing Solutions

  • What products does C2M Printing offer?

    It includes Cards and Invitations, Photos and Gifts, Office Supplies, Clothing & Bags, Business Cards, Marketing Material, Banners & Signs, Labels & Stickers. 

  • What shipping carriers do you use to parcel your products?

    We often use Australia Post for delivering our products that are being manufactured at our domestic printing plant operating in Australia. Products that are processed or printed outside Australia are being shipped using a number of international courier services that offer cheapest charges and fastest delivery. Once the orders are shipped, the delivery channel, estimated delivery date and other tracking details (if available) will be shared with you in your shipment confirmation email. 

  • What are the delivery charges for any given product?

    You can visit our Delivery page to check how we calculate the delivery charges for our products. The delivery charges are calculated based on the weight, delicacy and required delivery speed mentioned by our customer. 

  • How do I place an urgent order?

    Congratulations. We do accept urgent or expedited orders and deliver them on priority. However, our expedited delivery of 3 business days can be availed on the orders placed before 8 am AEST at any given day. You can select your delivery option as per your degree of urgency. 
    Note: Some products cannot be expedited due to the nature of their manufacturing/printing requirements. For instance, 3- day delivery is not available for Photo Books as they are printed in our manufacturing plant outside Australia. 

  • How do I check the status of my order?

    You can check the status of your order 24/7 from the Order History page. 
    1. Go to My Account page. 
    2. Then click on View Order History and it will take you to your orders record in chronological order. 
    3. There will be a column titled Status which can be followed against each order to check the current status of that product. 
    4. Click the Track button in the Actions column to view the tracking associated with an order. 
    If you are facing any trouble with your order, you can reach out to us directly at any time. 

  • Insurance

  • Is C2M eligible for the NSW Small Business Stamp Duty Exemption?

    Yes, C2M is a small business entity that is carrying on a business in NSW, and the business has an aggregated turnover of less than $2 million. 

  • Under what business category is C2M insured?

    C2M is insured under Computer Programming Service. 

  • Why is it important to maintain your Professional Indemnity Cover?

    Professional Indemnity Insurance covers you on what is known as a claim-made basis. This means that you need to have a current policy on the date that a claim is made against you, regardless of when the work was done.   

  • What is typically not covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance?

    • Intentional damage 
    • Any claims or circumstances that are known prior to the period of insurance 
    • Acts of fraud and dishonesty 

  • What does Professional Indemnity Insurance cover?

    Professional Indemnity insurance provides essential financial protection to those who provide advice or a specialist service against claims of alleged or actual negligence, or breach of professional duty. 

  • Privacy Policy C2M

  • Is there any copyright content at C2M?

    The content included on the consult2manage.com site – including all text, images, videos, and other media, as well as the design and styling of all content – are exclusively owned by C2M or by third parties who have given their permission to C2M. Copyrights by C2M or such third parties of all the aforementioned content is explicit by its appearance on the consult2manage.com site. 

  • Which material is permitted to use?

    Permission to access this material, to download and copy such material on to electronic, magnetic, optical or similar storage media and to make printed copies of any such downloaded material, provided that such activities and copies are for non-commercial use only and that the following conditions are met: 

    - Trademarks must be faithfully reproduced with their appropriate marks as shown above. 

    - You may link to consult2manage.com using appropriate text such as "… as found on consult2manage.com" or by seeking permission for the link. 

    - Your use may not be obscene or defamatory or libellous to consult2manage.com or C2M. 

    - You must properly cite consult2manage.com as the source. 

  • Is there any restriction on C2M digital assets?

    Visitors to this website may not copy, distribute, screenshot, reproduce, sell or publish any of the copyrighted material downloaded or copied from this website. For the avoidance of doubt, no permission is given for the transfer of any of this material to any website. 

  • Will my form-based data retain on your website?

    When you fill out a web form through the site, we may maintain your form-based information for our records unless and until you ask us to delete this information. 

  • What are the rights that we can exercise?

    If you are a registered user, you have the right to access your personal information we maintain. You can also check if your personal information needs to be corrected, updated, or deleted. If you would like to exercise this right, please contact us through the contact information channel. 

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