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Is Paid Social Media Advertising a Good Idea?

Research conducted by eMarketer at the end of 2015 concluded that 76% of B2C respondents relied on promoted posts and only 61% of these users believed that paid ads are effective. 

I want to have a custom package; can I have that?

Absolutely, C2M enables you to have a custom subscription where you can define the services you need regarding media campaign. Please click here to get a quote. 

What is included in the Combo plan?

Combination of both Outreach and Media Release USD monthly is Combo. It applies the same way and costs $600.00 

How much does a Media Release cost?

Media Release package has a base price of $300 USD monthly with 1 locality. Every extra location will cost you $150 USD, Every Extra Media Release $200, Video Media Release $300 and Combo or Video and Content Release $500. 

What does the package of Media Release include?

2 Media Releases including 3 focus keywords with backlinks, upwords written and submitted, indexed on search engine picked by major news and blog channels. 

How much does the outreach plan cost?

Outreach with 500 emails to 1 specified area will cost $500 monthly. Every extra 100 emails add $100.  

What does the package of Outreach include?

The plan includes minimum 500 emails, local directories and contacts relevant to your industry, detailed analytics of who opened the emails and who didn’t. 

How does Media Campaign work?

Step by step procedure of Media Campaign is as follows: 

  1. Upload the document 
  1. Choose topics 
  1. Enter Your Details 
  1. Send Press Release 
  1. Journalist Contact 
  1. News Published 

What Media Campaigns does C2M offer?

We offer: 

Outreach, Media Release, Combo (Combination of both Outreach and Media) and Customizable packages for or clients. 

What is a Media Campaign?

A planned series of newspaper articles, television interviews, internet presence etc. that are intended to achieve a particular aim. 

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